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Takeaways from #EEGlobal Forum | (re)Emergence of #EnergyEffciency


My team hasĀ been working in the #EnergyEfficiency space for little over 5 years, have had the opportunity to drive some innovation in the space, promote wider use of #DataAnalytics in #EnergyEfficiency markets and also facilitate significant private sector investment around it.

Most humbling experience came earlier this month, when on behalf of my team and their work, i had the opportunity to attend the much coveted event in the #EnergyEfficiency markets, #EEGlobal Forum hosted by Alliance to Save Energy in Washington DC. First one for me and it turned out to be a memorable one!

With 400+ delegates from 30+ countries, it was an apt platform for us to be able to listen to some awesome experts, network with innovators from across the globe and also understand the emerging trends in the #EnergyEfficiency markets. Hats off to the entire ASE team for pulling off such an amazing event!

In this post i attempt to list down some of the key takeaways from the conference, especially in the context of Industrial #EnergyEfficiency. Industrial #EnergyEfficiency is seeing unprecedented traction and is set to take advantage from some of the following emerging trends:-

  • Energy Productivity Improvement Targets: Companies across the globe are taking scientific targets to improve or even double Energy Productivity by 2030. That sort of provides a broader role for #EnergyEfficiency. A lot of us might just argue that there is nothing new in it, just that it allows #CXOs to be more excited about #EnergyEfficiency.


  • Industry 4.0: Current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing allows #EnergyEfficiency to move beyond equipment’s, help address operational inefficiencies as well. That makes an interesting proposition for the industrial and manufacturing sector. As we see more private sector investments on #Digitization and #Digitalization, relevance of #EnergyEfficiency is certainly set to grow.


  • Energy Transition: Long term structural changes in the Energy Systems require multiple approaches in parallel and hence allow #EnergyEfficiency to play much bigger role, something way beyond “savings”.


We must brace ourselves to see Business model innovation and wider use of emerging technologies like #IoT, #BigData & #Analytics, things that would make #EnergyEfficiency Simple, Scale-able and Sustainable!

Should you wish to know more about my experience or interact in general, please do feel free to ping me at umesh.bhutoria(at)

Yours Efficiently,

Umesh Bhutoria