Beyond the usual use cases! #EnergyAnalytics

Last week I took a pretty late night flight from Hyderabad to Kolkata. My flight landed at around 2.30 am early morning. Noticed a few surprising things:-

  • Almost all lights in the arrival section near the belt area were lit. Only 1 belt would have been used for our flight. (Censors wouldn’t perhaps be the best thing as the staff does move around)
  • Temperature profile was very low, HVAC system must have been on for quite sometime.

It made me think that are we creating enough value out of the data assets we have? Could there be a simple logic built that would connect flight arrival, departure timings, passenger behaviour (check in time etc) and manage overall energy consumption?

Majority enegry consumption in Airports is across HVAC and Lighting, tapping into data related to flight schedules, passenger behaviour can really help in moving beyond the obvious when it comes to using data and making the best use of it.

Sounds silly but I guess someone might just be working on it!

What do you think?


Umesh Bhutoria.

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