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Takeaways from #EEGlobal Forum | (re)Emergence of #EnergyEffciency


My team has been working in the #EnergyEfficiency space for little over 5 years, have had the opportunity to drive some innovation in the space, promote wider use of #DataAnalytics in #EnergyEfficiency markets and also facilitate significant private sector investment around it.

Most humbling experience came earlier this month, when on behalf of my team and their work, i had the opportunity to attend the much coveted event in the #EnergyEfficiency markets, #EEGlobal Forum hosted by Alliance to Save Energy in Washington DC. First one for me and it turned out to be a memorable one!

With 400+ delegates from 30+ countries, it was an apt platform for us to be able to listen to some awesome experts, network with innovators from across the globe and also understand the emerging trends in the #EnergyEfficiency markets. Hats off to the entire ASE team for pulling off such an amazing event!

In this post i attempt to list down some of the key takeaways from the conference, especially in the context of Industrial #EnergyEfficiency. Industrial #EnergyEfficiency is seeing unprecedented traction and is set to take advantage from some of the following emerging trends:-

  • Energy Productivity Improvement Targets: Companies across the globe are taking scientific targets to improve or even double Energy Productivity by 2030. That sort of provides a broader role for #EnergyEfficiency. A lot of us might just argue that there is nothing new in it, just that it allows #CXOs to be more excited about #EnergyEfficiency.


  • Industry 4.0: Current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing allows #EnergyEfficiency to move beyond equipment’s, help address operational inefficiencies as well. That makes an interesting proposition for the industrial and manufacturing sector. As we see more private sector investments on #Digitization and #Digitalization, relevance of #EnergyEfficiency is certainly set to grow.


  • Energy Transition: Long term structural changes in the Energy Systems require multiple approaches in parallel and hence allow #EnergyEfficiency to play much bigger role, something way beyond “savings”.


We must brace ourselves to see Business model innovation and wider use of emerging technologies like #IoT, #BigData & #Analytics, things that would make #EnergyEfficiency Simple, Scale-able and Sustainable!

Should you wish to know more about my experience or interact in general, please do feel free to ping me at umesh.bhutoria(at)

Yours Efficiently,

Umesh Bhutoria

Beyond the usual use cases! #EnergyAnalytics

Last week I took a pretty late night flight from Hyderabad to Kolkata. My flight landed at around 2.30 am early morning. Noticed a few surprising things:-

  • Almost all lights in the arrival section near the belt area were lit. Only 1 belt would have been used for our flight. (Censors wouldn’t perhaps be the best thing as the staff does move around)
  • Temperature profile was very low, HVAC system must have been on for quite sometime.

It made me think that are we creating enough value out of the data assets we have? Could there be a simple logic built that would connect flight arrival, departure timings, passenger behaviour (check in time etc) and manage overall energy consumption?

Majority enegry consumption in Airports is across HVAC and Lighting, tapping into data related to flight schedules, passenger behaviour can really help in moving beyond the obvious when it comes to using data and making the best use of it.

Sounds silly but I guess someone might just be working on it!

What do you think?


Umesh Bhutoria.

4+ years and Encounter with #BigData


Have spent last 7 days in sprawling Industrial campus in the Kutch region of Gujarat. The utility division alone has an operational spend of around 50 million USD! Staggering isn’t it?

We were called to review the existing infrastructure on Data acquisition and suggest possible road map on #EDA strategy implementation.

It is here I encountered #BigData for the first time, after 4+ years of playing around with data especially in the context of #EnergyAnalytics.

In this podcast I share my experience of encounter with #BigData and thoughts on why we shouldn’t get carried away with it!

Would be glad to have your thoughts/feedback!
Yours Efficiently,

Umesh Bhutoria

This Diwali, there is a lot to look forward to!

​Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali! As they say let there be light, always!

For us at E-Cube Energy there is a lot to look forward to post Diwali. As we take up new initiatives, release new products and announce new partnerships our resolve to strengthen energy efficiency/productivity markets only gets stronger!

Looking forward to continuous engagement in times to come.