4+ years and Encounter with #BigData


Have spent last 7 days in sprawling Industrial campus in the Kutch region of Gujarat. The utility division alone has an operational spend of around 50 million USD! Staggering isn’t it?

We were called to review the existing infrastructure on Data acquisition and suggest possible road map on #EDA strategy implementation.

It is here I encountered #BigData for the first time, after 4+ years of playing around with data especially in the context of #EnergyAnalytics.

In this podcast I share my experience of encounter with #BigData and thoughts on why we shouldn’t get carried away with it!

Would be glad to have your thoughts/feedback!
Yours Efficiently,

Umesh Bhutoria

This Diwali, there is a lot to look forward to!

​Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali! As they say let there be light, always!

For us at E-Cube Energy there is a lot to look forward to post Diwali. As we take up new initiatives, release new products and announce new partnerships our resolve to strengthen energy efficiency/productivity markets only gets stronger!

Looking forward to continuous engagement in times to come.

In the right place at the right time and doing the right things?

We are seeing some amazing momentum in the Energy Analytics markets in India. Quite a lot of companies have been focusing on technology and building platforms, whereas we’ve taken a conscious approach to focus on developing IPs/Algorithms that can work on existing solutions and provide value addition to clients!

As we move to explore sectors like Commercial Buildings and add 2-3 industrial sectors in our list, we believe we are in the right place at the right time and perhaps doing the right things, would you agree?

Click on the LINK to listen to the final podcast, where I share my thoughts on future of energy analytics markets and our approach going forward.

Would be glad to have your feedback/comments/suggestions.

Yours Sincerely,

Umesh Bhutoria 

Impact of #ParisAgreement ratification on Industries.

Last week #TERI hosted #WSDS. It’s twitter timeline was full of amazing thoughts/ideas on what next when it comes to tackling climate change, specifically in Indian context!

Considering that we’ve been actively involved in the Industrial sector, we wanted to sum up some of our thoughts on how Paris Agreement changes Industries thought process on Energy Management and how will Energy Analytics companies react to it?

Check out this video to know about the trends and changes that the markets would see in times to come.

What are your thoughts?



What has change management to do with Energy Management?

Episode 3 of the podcast series is out and this one is special.
Here we talk about challenges/risks that CXOs need to watch out for before designing and investing in a consolidated energy data strategy.

Key words:-

#EnergyManagement #EnergyProductivity #Innovation #FacelessReporting #Accountability #Innovation
Link:- https://soundcloud.com/umesh-bhutoria/energy-analytics-energy-management-episode-3

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Podcast series on #EnergyManagement and #EnergyAnalytics exclusively for #CXOs

Over the last few years #EnergyEfficiency markets have evolved, calling for businesses/industries to provide more strategic importance to #EnergyManagement.
To assist #CXOs and #EnergyManagers understand the changes happening and the response they need to provide, E-Cube Energy has come up with a 6 series Podcast on Energy Management and Energy Analytics. Each episodes have been designed in a way to help address specific problems and provide certain call to action.
You can use the following links to listen to the Podcast series or sign up for the EDA clinic assistance on Energy Data Analytics
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Happy Analyzing!

How close are we to having a Central Energy Efficiency Data Repository?

For all of us who have been wanting to see an inclusive energy strategy backed by Data, Niti Aayog’s focus on Energy Data Management & decision to set up of an Energy Data Agency comes as a pleasant surprise.

What impact will National Energy Data Agency have on Industrial Energy Efficiency? Will this also lead to setting up a Central Energy Efficiency Data Repository?

In this short video i talk about my take on these questions!

Would be glad to have your thoughts/feedback on the same!



Ignoring potential benefits of Motor Performance and Maintenance Data?

Electric motors/motor driven systems consume 50-60% of Industrial electricity consumption and most industries generate huge data related to motor performance and maintenance, with Engineering/Maintenance department taking measurements of basic parameters etc.
Question is is your organization converting that data to insights that has potential to:-
  1. Guide on possible energy efficiency interventions?
  2. Advise on predictive maintenance of motors, avoid productivity losses?

E-Cube Energy has launched www.motor-tool.com that allows you to maintain all data pertaining to motor performance and maintenance on a #SaaS based cloud platform, accessible from anywhere.

Platform is simple but powerful in a way that it has the potential to disrupt the way industries look at managing all the unorganized data (related to motor performance/maintenance). Essentially allowing industries to organize data, store it centrally and analyse on the plattform to have insights that otherwise was not available!
We are providing free accounts to industries for configuration of 10 motors (For 3 Months Usage). To sign up for your Free account visit www.motor-tool.com
Umesh Bhutoria

Release Trapped Energy!

Across the entire energy value chain from mining, generation, distribution and consumption there are inefficiencies that get accumulated.

Every single unit of energy consumed is not in a way a single unit, it’s something much more than that! 

Everyone in the value chain is paying more than they should. Companies that bring energy to consumers spend on additional infrastructure spend, consumers spend additionally for inefficiencies build in the distribution network.  For inefficiency in consumption, the ones who are denied access to energy pay the price.

How can it be stopped? No one denies that focus should be on capacity addition but not thinking about how energy is generated, distributed and consumed efficiently will not solve the problem.

Through this blog we aim to make people aware about the benefits of Energy Efficiency and the need to look at the markets in an unconventional way!